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Madison Technical partners highly qualified consultants with clients needing a specialized skill set for either short term or long term engagements.

Our clients know that Madison Technical provides highly skilled and qualified consultants on short notice to meet their project needs. The client is spared the time consuming task of finding the perfect candidate for a limited life project and incurs no long term employee obligations.
Consultants know that Madison is diligently working for them to find quality engagements with the right client. The consultant is freed from the time consuming search for the next engagement and our highly skilled contract teams handles all the details of compensation and terms.

What Makes Madison Technical Different.

There are other companies doing what we do, so why should you choose Madison Technical.

If you are a client looking for a consultant:

1. Our team approach. Often times a project requires multiple consultants with varying skills. We have pre-designated teams in place who know how to work as a cohesive team from day one.
2. Worldwide teams. Madison Technical has offices around the world to ensure the best pairings of consultants to meet your need. If you need a consultant for your project in China, we can provide consultants with local expertise with international credentials.
3. Client project manager. We do all the usual things such as managing compensation, housing, transportation, liability insurance that you would expect. But we go one step further by having a project manager who is always available to you to resolve any issues with the consultant that arise. Our obligation to you you does not end when we sign a contract – it is for the life of the project.

If you are a consultant looking for a client:

1. Working for you. Madison Technical works full time for you to find you the best engagements and negotiate terms that fairly compensates your skills and background. We do the marketing, sourcing and contracting. We arrange for your housing, transportation, liability insurance and provide you local tax information.
2. Finding the right fit. It is everyone’s interest to make sure that you are the right fit for the job. Some consultants are fine with moving to Guangzhou for three months while others are not. Making sure that you are happy with the assignment also ensures that the client will be happy.
3. Consultant project manager. You will have access to the Madison Technical project manager to resolve any issues with the client or the project.

Madison Technical can field a single consultant or a full team of consultants, depending on the clients need. We provide highly skilled consulting teams across a diverse group of industries and services. We leverage our skills in sourcing experienced professionals for consulting assignments that match the requirements of our clients for either short-term or long-term engagements.

We deliver the highest quality professional consultancy service in areas such as engineering, information technology, compliance, validation, and enterprise software. Our carefully selected consultant teams have the experience, education, certifications, and most of all, the drive to help your organization meet the challenges of technology.

With a network of offices strategically around the world Madion Technical is able to provide the right consultant at the right location, at the right time and at the right price. We never forget that our success is based on the satisfaction of the customers whom we serve.


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