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Enterprise applications are a broad term used to describe application software that businesses use to assist in the resolution of organizational workflow issues. Madison Technical has experienced consultants with a wide breadth of enterprise application software skills in sub-specialties such as CRM, SCM, ERP, SaaS, and others.

Integrating business enterprise applications can be a complex, expensive, and time-consuming task that is often beyond the range and experience of a standard  IT department. That is where Madison Technical’s team approach proves a value added benefit to you. Our pool of experienced EA consultants has expertise in a significant number of industries and can provide an experienced consultant with knowledge of your specific industry. Our prior experience will save your business substantial time in implementing a new project. In addition, our experience in previous projects allows us to develop realistic time frames for training and conversion to the new application and help you avoid any unneeded down time.

Madison Technical’s assessment and design consultants will assess your business needs and provide you with clear and comprehensive design and implementation plan. Once you have approved the layout, our project team will work closely with your in-house IT department to undertake the actual implementation of the system including the integration of the new EA system with your existing systems.

Implementing an Enterprise Application can be a daunting task for any organization. Madison Technical cannot promise that there will not be challenges during the course of the project, but we can promise they will be met. Our experience in implementing Enterprise Applications means that we can give you a realistic time estimate and minimize the disruption to your existing workflow.

Madison Technical has a worldwide presence with clients in 23 countries and offices in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Europe, and Asia. We are the world’s largest specialized technical staffing company.

Madison Technical consulting teams are serving clients around the globe. Our skilled experts are ready to go to work for you anywhere-anytime.

Let us show you why partnering with the global leader in specialized technical staffing services is the right choice for your company.

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