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With the continued rapid integration of computer and cloud systems, Madison Technical continues to see an increasing demand for Microsoft .NET™ consulting service for our clients.

The .NET platform includes servers; building-block services, such as Web-based data storage; and device software. Due to the specific implementation design requirements for .NET our clients often find it advantageous to engage short-term consultants with existing skills and certification in .NET rather than go through the complicated certification process.

Microsoft .NET Framework is a technology that supports building and running the next generation of applications and XML Web services. The .NET Framework is designed to fulfill the following objectives:

• To provide a consistent object-oriented programming environment, whether object code is stored and executed locally, executed locally, but Internet-distributed or executed remotely.
• To provide a code-execution environment that minimizes software deployment and versioning conflicts.
• To provide a code-execution environment that promotes safe execution of code, including code created by an unknown or semi-trusted third party.
• To provide a code-execution environment that eliminates the performance problems of scripted or interpreted environments.
• To make the developer experience consistent across widely varying types of applications, such as Windows-based applications and Web-based applications.
• To build all communication on industry standards to ensure that code based on the .NET Framework can integrate with any other code.

Madison Technical .NET consultants work in a variety of organizations using Windows Server operating systems in the development of applications and projects from project design to implementation to support.

Madison Technical has a worldwide presence with clients in 23 countries and offices in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Europe, and Asia. We are the world’s largest specialized technical staffing company.

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